Arriving in San Fran

The excitement started to hit on the plane when they handed us the TSA / custom’s form, oddly. We landed in SF early thanks to the tail winds.

Going through customs was pretty daunting. But really it was just a finger print scan and photo and a few questions about why I’m here. I was expecting the whole pat down / luggage disruption thing.

There are strong American accents everywhere, and the American cars in and around the airport really make it sink in – for some reason I feel like i’m in an episode of Sesame Street. First stop – bathroom. And my first encounter with the full-of-water toilets.  Weird at first, but in my opinion a far superior design to what we have in Australia (for reasons that are probably too disgusting to go into detail on). I’ve got the post-flight sweaty grossness. All i can think about is showering.

I walked to the BART station to head towards downtown SF. Using the ticket machine really makes me feel like a foreigner. Insert all your money to add credit, then remove credit with a -25c button? Weird.

The BART makes a noise that sounds like the Moby outro for Bourne Identity.

When arriving in downtown, i emerged from the BART into the hustle of Market St. I feel so out of place and am already finding it hard too know where to go without any mobile data.

I finally found the Westin on Third, dumped my bags in the lobby, and headed out for a wander around Market St to soak up the Americanness. Got a delicious hotdog from a street cart, an then to AT&T for a SIM card. Back online, and so excited.

I’m in the USA!

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