Boeing, and Farewell

The day started with a farewell to Tim, another drive. First we stopped for coffee are Caffé Fioré for the first decent coffee i’d had since SF. Then, Trader Joe’s. Gabs and Tim had served me a delicious, smokey BBQ sauce with the BBQ the night before that i just had to take some home. Sweet.

Then a good drive to Everett for a tour of the Boeing factory! Talk about awe inspiring. We weren’t allowed to take cameras on the tour, which is a real shame, but understandable. To be in a room with several Dreamliners being constructed at once. The scale is astounding.

After the tour, Gabs picked me up yet again, and dropped me at the shops in Queen Anne to do some final shopping. First stop, Safeway (for American chocolate), then lunch at Elliott Bay Pizza. I’d wanted to have real american pizza since i arrived, and final i could cross that off the list. Then to a little gift store called Three Birds for necklaces for Soph and Alison.

My final sight seeing moment in Seattle was the walk down the hill from the Queen Anne shops back to Gabs & Tim’s house. This was my first real opportunity to see the real, stereotypical suburban America. It was beautiful. Yes, it’s a higher socio-economic area, but the architecture of each home, and the gardens and trees, it just felt so warm and homely. What a beautiful area.

We got in the car and drove to the airport where i discovered i was close to 20 kg over my baggage limit. Yes, i panicked. Greatly. Bought another bag, sorted it out. Farewells with Gabs and Lucy, and off to my gate.

Everything was shut. My last meal in the USA was a filthy prepackaged caesar salad. Poor judgement. My flight was delayed. Apparently somebody had “caused a large mess” in the toilet which required a “specialist cleaning team”. 3 hour delay due to dirty toilet? Ew.

The flight home was good. Sat next to a couple who worked at Google who were moving to the Sydney office. Watched a bit of a movie. Barely slept. International flights are hard!

Getting to Sydney was amazing. Al and the kids met me, and everything was right in the world. Got home and gave them their presents.

It was an amazing couple of weeks, but even better to be back with my family.

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