Burgers and shoes

Back in town, we headed back to Westfield to meetup with Alex, Russell and Marc to go shoe shopping at Vans. Got myself a pair, as well as some cute red slip ons for Al. I didn’t realise how damn comfy Vans are! Up yours, Converse. I went back to the hotel to sort out cash etc.

On the way out to meet Tony I bumped into Alex, Russell and Jeff who were headed to Super Duper. Hot damn. That could be the best burger I’ve ever eaten. “Mini” cheeseburger and garlic fries. And of course, Dr Pepper. Post mix. This is heaven.

After dinner, headed back to the hotel for a bit, then back out to Sushi Club to meet Tony, Saul Mora and another guy for a 22. Back to the Westin for an early night. Tomorrow morning is an EARLY start for the keynote line. Who knows when I’ll ever get to attend an Apple keynote again. I’m going to get as close to the stage as possible.

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