Easy Street, Hendrix, EMP

Nice lazy morning this morning. Spent some good time hanging out and reading with little Lucy. Cuteness.

Back into the car again, this time to Easy Street Records in West Seattle. Breathtaking. Being a relatively new vinyl lover, i was way in over my head. I had no idea where to start. Saw a bunch of stuff i loved, but i was on a tight budget so i was restrained. I ended up grabbing 80s “Wally” pressings of Sgt Peppers and Magical Mystery tour. Additionally, this is another Pearl Jam landmark for me. The location of their Live at Easy Street set in April 2005. These walls are steeped with rock n roll history. The staff were SUPER nice too. None of this JB Hi-Fi snobbery, instead, happy to talk for hours to a novice like myself. Gabs & Lucy joined me an hour or so later and we had lunch in the ESR cafe. People say US food is horrible, but so far most of what i’ve eaten has been awesome.

Back in the car, and this time i’m dropped off in Capitol Hill. This stop, The Jimi Hendrix Statue. I put in my earbuds, and blasted Voodoo Chile, and just touched the statue. I was kind of expecting Jimi to be in a nice park somewhere. But no. It’s on the sidewalk in front of an art supplies warehouse.

Walked down Pine Street towards CBD. Past the Paramount Theater, the location of many famous live performances, including many by Pearl Jam. Continued through the CBD, i finally ended up at the Space Needle where the view was spectacular.

After some looking around, I headed back down to EMP. On entry, the first thing you notice is the insane 60-foot 500-instrument guitar tower that spans multiple levels. It is insane. Then onto the Nirvana exhibit. Was pretty amazing seeing Kurt & Dave’s instruments, clothing and artwork etc. first hand (sorry Krist). Then the Hendrix exhibit. Man. Actual small broken artefacts of his guitars that had been burned or smashed. Very awe inspiring to see his actual instruments.

And then, there it was. The olympic white 1968 Fender Stratocaster. The very one that played the “Star Spangled Banner” at Woodstock in 1969. I must’ve spent half an hour staring and caressing the thick perspex that held it. It was a moment i’ll never forget.

More guitar exhibits… the history of the electric guitar and amps and effects was damned cool.

I grabbed some gifts from the EMP shop, then had a coffee with Gabs & Lucy on the grass in the sun under the Space Needle.

We headed off to pick Tim up from work, then headed down to a Mexican restaurant Agua Verde in the University District. A delicious meal in an incredible location on the beautiful Lake Washington.

I love this place.

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