Exploring Seattle

Tim was off to work, so Gabs, Lucy and I set off for downtown Seattle. Gabs had a terrible headache so we went and grabbed a coffee from Starbucks, and found some pain killers.

We went to some clothing and food shops (trying to find stuff for Alison). Carrying Lucy around on my shoulders was a blast 🙂 I miss my kids though 🙁

We headed down to the Now Make Me A Sandwich food truck to get pulled pork sandwiches, and meet up with Tim at Amazon for lunch. Holy hell American pulled pork is something else. Combined with icy cold Dr Pepper, i’m in heaven.

Gabs took Lucy home for her afternoon sleep, so i stayed on to wander around. Went and sussed out EMP (Experience Music Project) which is underneath the Space Needle, then jumped on the Monorail into the City.

Since Seattle is the home of Starbucks, I grabbed a horrendous frappuccino type thing, and headed out to see the landmarks i had always wanted to visit.

First stop, Benaroya Hall. The place where Pearl Jam recorded their brilliant acoustic album, which i am extremely luck to own on vinyl. Next, Hard Rock Cafe. Pretty underwhelmed here. I thought i’d see some cool memorabilia etc, but perhaps i completely missed the point.

Next stop, Pike Place Market. Very cool. Wandered around the stores and food outlets, ate some cookies, bought some Hendrix / Cobain earrings for Alison. I could spend all day here.

I to Wholefoods to wait for Gabs, and had a couple of local beers at the bar there. A bar at a supermarket? Now you’re talking. Gabs arrived, we had another drink and then shopped for dinner supplies. My word, i love this place. Bought cakes, steaks, and Hendricks for Alison.
Went back to Gabs and Tim’s and had steaks cooked on the Webber for dinner. My first American backyard BBQ. It just feels different. The trees and the birds are so foreign. The architecture is different. It really is beautiful. I could easily live here.

Cakes from Wholefoods for desert. Then watched some American TV and bed. I like it here.

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