Farewell San Francisco

Last day in SF! Checked out of the hotel and had a final coffee with Marc, Sean and Tony at Blue Bottle Coffee before saying farewell and heading out on my lonesome. Thanks again to Tony for a terrific week.

I’ve always wanted to see Alcatraz, however I hadn’t pre-purchased a ticket, so i’d missed. I thought i’d rock up at the office just incase they had some cancellations and try my luck.

I jumped on the famous SF cable car and made my way down to Fisherman’s Wharf. Tried my luck with a last minute ticket, but the only opening would have made me miss my flight. Bugger!

This gave me time however to take things easy, so I had a wander around the pier, and I came across In-N-Out burger! Best.

More sight seeing and back to Friedel Kulssman Turnaround to wait for the cable car. Such a long line up, but it’s in a big park in front of a beautiful view of the bridge in the SF sun, so the wait was very picturesque. At this point i was starting to get nervous that I’d be late to the airport, but i made it back to the hotel to get my bags just in the nick of time.

I bid a fond farewell to Market Street, and headed to the BART to head to SFO.

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