FCPX Disk Image Maker

Here’s an AppleScript droplet i built for easily creating sparse disk images for Final Cut Pro X projects.

We’ve recently transitioned to a 10GbE network at work, and have moved all of our edit suite drives to a media server. One of the issues that arose was the inability to edit from a network drive in Final Cut Pro X.

For us, a SAN is not the answer, so instead we’ve moved our FCPX projects and events to sparse disk images. Unfortunatly Disk Utility is super cumbersome to use for creating these, and we had around 200 projects to migrate.

So i built this little guy. Simply click him and he’ll create your sparse image for you. Isn’t that nice.

Originally we were experimenting with sparse bundle images, however one of the recent FCPX updates seemed to break these. Sparse images still seem fine though.

Download FCPX Disk Image Maker

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