Hotel, first drinks and settling in

I had beer at the hotel bar whilst waiting for Tony Arnold (who I am sharing a room with for the week). I used the opportunity to ask the girl behind the bar what the deal with tipping is. She explained it all in great detail to me — for a beer, coffee or other small things, tip a buck. Otherwise 15% for meals etc, or 20% if the service is amazing. Tipping is weird. Anyway, I took my beer out to the beer garden and enjoyed the summer sun!

Once Tony arrived, we dumped our gear in our room and had showers to un-stench. We had a quick wander past Moscone West to see the Apple signage. That made it feel real. So excited!

We headed to The Grove and met up with a bunch of Aussies for some beers and a giant serving of bruchetta. Beer is pretty cheap, and the food is delicious, so far.

We headed with the guys towards a burger place, but ran into some of the other Aussie dudes who were heading to an amazing place called Bluestem Brassiere, so we joined them instead. Eating there was Marc, Rene, Graeme, Alex, Matt, Tim and his wife, Jeff, Sean, Ben and Tony.

I had “Black Truffle Cavatelli” which was described as “shaved duck prosciutto, English peas, morel mushrooms, lemon fondue, ricotta salata cheese, and micro tarragon”. So delicious that I am dead.

After dinner, went back to the hotel to try and catch up on some sleep. The “heavenly bed” package was true to it’s name.

I am so tired though.

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