iMore + Debug + Iterate + teriyaki

After the first day at WWDC, we did a bit more local exploring / wandering around, and headed over to 111 Minna Gallery for the iMore podcast recording party (featuring Rene Ritchie, Guy English, Marc Edwards plus others). The place was very busy, and very loud. Free booze, free food, and a bunch of Aussies in there looking quite out of place. I did take my stubby holder after all.

The podcast itself was really good, however all of the elite types stayed up the back drinking and talking extremely loudly. Felt super bad for the guys recording the podcast. It was just rude. I sat down the front and soaked it in, and felt like i should be respectful to the people paying for my bar tab.

Afterwards, we escaped the noise and hung outside a little. I went back in to take a leak, and saw Dan Benjamin, Marco Ament, and John Gruber huddled together having a chat. I thought i’d go say hi to Dan, as i’m a big fan of his podcast network, however Gruber saw me approaching, offered me a limp hand, then blocked me getting past. The nerve of the guy assuming that i wanted to talk to him… It really put me in a shitty mood.

We got the hell outta there and headed to a teriyaki restaurant with Tony, Alex, Russell and Graeme. Teriyaki salmon. Delicious.

Night done, and i’m wasted. Back to the hotel for sleeeeeeeep.

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