Labs, beers, bikie bars

I was keen to get to some labs during the week, and it seems today’s the day. I got up super early to try and get a spot in UI design lab. These labs are extremely popular and have a huge lineup, so I skipped breakfast as i wanted to get in early.

I took in the Wax eDetailing framework and sat with an Apple UI designer who went over everything and gave a whole heap of really valuable feedback, particularly regarding the UX. She was awesome!

Had lunch in the mess hall today. It has rows and rows of tables, each with blisteringly fast Ethernet / internet connections. I connected my Mac and completed the remaining 250GB of my CrashPlan backup in less than an hour. What the what.

After lunch was the Debugging with Xcode session, and then the UI Views lab where we went over our eDetailer framework and was given a few pointers (mainly relating to view containment).

Went and dumped my gear back at the hotel (it really is in such an awesome central location) and headed off to Thirsty Bear for beers with Tony, Dan Nolan and some others. One of the beers there contained cocoa nibs!

After beer, we jumped in an über with the Itty Bitty Apps guys. über is awesome! This dude rocks up in this CIA style 4×4 thing and races us down to the Mission.

We headed to a bar called Zeitgeist where we met with some Apple engineers. Zeitgeist feels like some homoerotic bikie bar where i was going to get wither shived, or gangbanged. I felt so out of place at first, but once settled in, it was really great. One of the Apple guys was the soul developer of the Core Bluetooth stack. Was fascinating listening to their stories and hearing about what it’s really like to work at Apple. These guys really work hard.

We über’d back downtown, and went for a stroll past Yerba Buena Gardens to see things being set up for The Bash tomorrow night. We tried to find Shifty Hamilton, but no dice.

Back to the hotel, via 7-Eleven for an ice cream cookie sandwich, before heading back out for the amazing garlic fries at super duper. What a day!

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