Last day at Moscone West

It’s the last day here, and it’s sad! Will I ever attend WWDC again? I’m not sure, but it’s been an amazing week. I’m tired, but I need to ensure I make the most of the last bits that Apple has to offer me.

Went to some sessions on TextKit and UI Design, then lunch in the hall to use the fat internet pipe to leech all of the HD session videos.

After lunch, i headed to the Integrating Web Technologies in Native Apps lab. I’d never been 100% confident about the fact that we based our content on HTML, but the lab really reinforced that we’d done an awesome job of implementing it, and the guy showed me some ways i could use Instruments to try to speed a few things up a little. But all in all… good!

WWDC is over. Post dubdub depression is really starting to sink in now. I had a long stroll down the halls of Moscone West to take photos of the banners and soak it all in for one last time. What a week it has been. Massive thank you to Wax for making it happen.

After saying our good-byes to Moscone West, Tony and I headed to AMC to see Man of Steel in IMAX and Dolby ATMOS 3D. It won’t be out in Australia for months. Awesome. And what an experience. The biggest cinema i’ve ever seen. Everything is big. The candy bar sells pizza and burritos. And the sizes are massive. One great thing about the cinema here however is that you can kicked out for looking at your phone. I wish Australian cinemas would take on this rule.

After the movie, i headed off to go clothes shopping on my own. Old Navy was amazing. Great T-shirts for $10. Jeans for $20-$30. I’m only clothes shopping in America from now on.

Plans are to head out for a giant end-of-WWDC meal of German sausage and beers… we grabbed a beer downstairs at the hotel where we waited for the the rest of the guys to join us. We met up and all wandered down to the Financial District where we grabbed a table at Schroeder’s. We ordered 3L Das Boots each. Yes. 3L of beer in a glass boot. It was delicious, but I felt WRONG by the time i had 500mL left.

Then, we apparently had an invite to a party from some dudes in Melbourne. They had a company called that had just received funding. We jumped in a cab to head down to the Mission, and saw the results of VC funding in SF. Craziness.

I was done. We had another invite to head to GitHub for the night. I was too exhausted, so i bailed back to the hotel. I regret not going now. The place sounds amazing. But the drinking there was apparently intense, and i’m proud to say that I have never needed to vomit in the US. I can’t speak for Tony however…

Grabbed a packed of Cheese Fix Munchies from 7-Eleven at 1am, and lights out.

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