Leaving Sydney for WWDC 2013

Preface: this personal diary of my time in at WWDC in San Francisco & Seattle in June 2013.

The day has come. Al and the kids took me to the airport for my 14:30 flight. We had lunch together and said our goodbyes. Boy it was sad leaving my little family behind. The most I’ve ever been away has been a few nights. This is going to be two weeks. Tears all around 🙁

I had a window seat, but I sat next to a lovely older couple on the flight who went to the bathroom more than I did which was fortunate. The flight on United was far better than what I was expecting. The extra legroom (Economy Plus) was definitely worth the cost. I really enjoyed just sitting. No movies. Just my music and my thoughts. I tried to get some sleep but that was hard. A chicken sandwich, pretzels and a couple of scotchs at 3am sorted me out though. EFTPOS was broken so i had to make the most of free alcohol after all.

Note for next time: take tracksuit pants. Wearing jeans on a 17 hour flight is just wrong.

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