First morning of WWDC session is here. We hit the hotel breakfast buffet again for some more of that sweet sweet bacon. This is going to be an abusive relationship. The bacon is bad for me but i just can’t leave it.

Hit the first lot of sessions about the new features in Xcode 5, and new user interface design features. This stuff is rad.

For lunch we grabbed a lunch box and headed to Yerba Buena gardens with Tony and Tim to soak in the SF sun. It’s sinking in. I’m in SF at WWDC fulfilling a dream. I’m so incredibly lucky.

More sessions in the afternoon on the new multitasking features and UIDynamics. Afterwards I headed back to the hotel for a bit of chill time, then a few quiet beers in the bar downstairs. I need my alone time, especially when around a LOT of new faces. A few hours later we met up at Chipotle for Tony’s birthday dinner where we were joined by Marc, Alex, Jeff and Russ.

Following that we headed to W Hotel. Jim Dalrymple (aka The Beard) was hosting his Beard Bash, and I was lucky enough to score tickets from him. Alex stayed as my plus-one, and I managed to persuade the doorman to let Marc in (who was supposed to have an invite but wasn’t on the list for some reason).

It was loud, and boring. Met a few people but it was all the elitist types trying to show they were more elite than the next. This was the moment I realised what bullshit the Apple blogger / social scene is. Meh.

I headed back to Moscone West for a bit of a look around, and then back to the hotel.

Ducked down to 7-Eleven for an ice cream run. One thing about San Fran is that there are SO many beggars. Everywhere. They hold the door open at shops for you, then jiggle their cup. They follow you. They constantly talk to you. But they’re unlike the Sydney crazies. They’re generally really nice and fun. But persistent. I didn’t give in though.

I returned to the hotel with Klondlike ice cream tacos. Was not disappointed.

I am so tired.

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