One way, automated iPhoto library sync

Update: whilst photo sharing between family members still sucks, iCloud Photo Library solves most of these issues. 

As per a previous post Multiple iTunes library on one Mac, I feel that Apple still neeeds to do a lot to address multiple Macs all sharing wanting access to the same library of media. Managing multiple libraries/systems sucks. I’ve tried manually managed folder structues, then using tools such as Google Picasa, but it’s just too much work.

So in our household, the master iPhoto library is on my MacBook, and it syncs in one direction to my wife’s Mac. She can’t add/edit/remove photos, but she gets access to them all, which is all she needs.

Here’s the AppleScript that i’m using to do it:


Multiple iTunes libraries on one Mac

Update: I now use Plex, so this is no longer necessary. 

All of our family’s media (TV shows / movies) are stored in an iTunes library on a headless Mac mini. We use an Apple TV to watch the media in our lounge room. I love the simplicity of the interface, and not having to jailbreak / set up Plex etc.

Encoding / remuxing ATV compatible files, and adding metadata is pretty damn fast these days… and after tha, it’s super easy to use (especially for the kids). I don’t have to worry about anything breaking (I had a Windows Media Server connected to the TV for years and maintenance drove me & my wife mad).