The Keynote

I woke up at 2:30am, way before my alarm. Anxiousness / anticipation was just far too great to sleep. I hit the shower to get ready to head to the keynote line.

I got to the line around 3:15am. Was about 200th I reckon. Met up with a bunch of dudes, including Galvin, Matt, Alex, Tim, Jeff, Russell etc. The wait went really quickly, thanks to the company of the guys in the line. Loads of sponsors came around giving out free crap. The best free stuff was a fold out seat. That was amazing. The worst? One company had people with vats of hot coffee on their backs. They’d use a hose to spray the coffee into foam cups. Problem was that the pressure was so great that they sprayed everyone with scolding coffee. So stupid.

I wore the TestFlight shirt that I scored the day before to get a free breakfast burrito. It was the worst. Gonna burn that shirt purely because of that burrito. First horrible American food experience.

We moved inside Moscone around 7ish, and were herded upstairs to wait outside Presidio. Apple provided breakfast which were donuts and sweet sugary pastry. Gross.

Just before 9am the mad rush into the hall began. Jeff played the “me no speaka da English” card and pushed right past the usher trying to stop us getting too close to the stage. Awesome seats!

The keynote was so exciting. Watching Tim, Phil, Craig and Eddy hit the stage was awe inspiring. The emotive videos, and the suspenseful reveals were amazing to witness first hand, especially due to the excitement that had filled the air for the past 8 hours. Schiller’s “can’t innovate my ass” after the Mac Pro reveal was superb. iOS 7 and Mavericks truly look wonderful.

Afterwards we flooded out into the common area to see the newly uncovered banners throughout Moscone and the Mac Pro’s under glass. I was feeling giddy.

Grabbed an Apple provided lunchbox down in the hall and ran back to the hotel to get out of my gross clothes, then straight back to Moscone to line up for the State of the Union, which is basically the under-NDA keynote aimed at developers. Some very exciting stuff!

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