The pilgrimage

We’d resigned to the fact that everyone had already found their way to Cupertino, and that we’d missed out. You imagine Apple would be easy to get to from San Fran, but no. It’s a long car ride. You can’t just get a bus. Often someone organises a bus trip, but not this year. Sigh.

After lunch however, I received a DM from Matt Bauer mentioning that he and two other dudes, Quentin and Nicholas, were hiring a car to head out there. Bingo! We headed back to Moscone and waited for them.

They rocked up and we squeezed into the back of this tiny little hatchback. I’m not small. It was a tight fit.

A 40 min geeky road trip on an typical US motorway that seemed to be 40 lanes wide, and we were there. 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino. The promised land. So very cool to arrive at the place that creates the products that are our livelihood.

The company store was cool. I wish I took photos there. Lots of Apple merch that can only be purchased at this physical store. Got a few clothes for myself, the kids and Al.

Then, outside for the obligatory photos with the 1 Infinite Loop sign.

Packed back into the car, then the long drive back to downtown SF.

Stopped for petrol (or should I say gas) on the way back. None of us could work out how to operate the thing. Turns out, you have to prepay for petrol. Our AU cards don’t work on the US pumps, so have to leave cash with the cashier, go fill up, ten back inside to collect the change. This is a weird country.

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